Why Outsource?

How do you resolve your resource issues for increased project demands? Have you ever wondered about the benefits of outsourcing your Hardware and Firmware design work?

Outsourcing offers flexibility, expertise and cost management. The key is to find the right company who will partner with your engineers and management, becoming part of the team.

Time is critical. Employing suitable designers would take time. Outsourcing would give you instant access to experienced Hardware designers, thus getting you out of the employment business and into the engineering business. Surveys have shown that a three month delay in product launch could typically result in a 33% loss in profits

Adding permanent staff to develop a single product may not be cost-effective. Outsourcing would give you access to engineering support even when the development cycle is complete, without having to pay for full time engineering staff.

Benefits of outsourcing Hardware & Firmware design include:

  • Allowing a business to focus on core activities
  • Reducing costs through a reduction in full-time employees
  • Quantifying task costs
  • Having access to the latest technology and expertise
  • Increasing capacity for growth
  • Making the company more flexible to change

Why should you choose Art Of Circuits as your outsourcing partner for Hardware and Firmware Design? 

Art Of Circuits strikes the right balance between dedication to your project, excellent customer service, hitting deadlines, keeping you in the loop and cost. We regularly win new customers who are switching from their old resource and are very happy with the results here at Art Of Circuits.

What are our prices? 

We are located in Pakistan which is amongst top 3 countries in the world, famous for doing out sourced jobs. We Partner Chinese vendors for part supply, pcb manufacturing and assembly therefore you will find us comparatively most cost effective than any other company offering similar quality services and located in other part of the world.

Our pricing is based on the estimated time required to complete a project. In case of Hardware Design: A circuit diagram, bill of materials, mechanical information and description of critical nets and placement are enough to generate a quote.